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Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Dream About Warren

For the last year of his life, I dreamed about Warren Zevon at least three nights a week. They were usually strange--because they were dreams--and sad--because he was dying. No whackawhacka guitar because they weren't those kind of dreams. Just dreams where we'd talk, or I'd be the observer watching him live out his last days with friends and family. It always made me feel stalkerish, especially since I wasn't too open about my fandom. I didn't have a Warren web site, I didn't send him fan mail and I didn't get too involved with other fans. It was more of a private thing. I enjoyed his music and was incredibly moved by it. So why we spent so many unwaking hours together I have no idea. On 7 September, 2003 the dreams stopped. Warren died, and apparently my subconcious made peace with his death immediately.

Until last night, it seems. Another dream, this time I was sharing a hospital room with another woman, and Warren showed up to ask us both to go on tour with him. This could be one of three things. It could be a foretelling of my own death, I suppose. I hope not. I'm only 35 and not quite willing to loose this mortal coil. It could be the beginning of a modern retelling of Paradise Lost, where my guide through Heaven and Hell is a more modern poet than Virgil. It could also be my subconcious playing dirty tricks.

Regardless of which, I think it says something about the power of music in our lives. When you find the artist, the album, the song that just clicks, it becomes a part of you. Sharon has Lennon and Bono. I have Van Morrison, The Dead, and Zevon (obviously). Who has moved you and graduated from entertainer to poet laureate of your life?


Anonymous ~a fan~ said...

Wow ~ i think that is very cool. maybe your dream means that Warren is at peace and ready to "go on tour" in the heavens..
I am a big fan also, I named my horse "Zevon" after Warren, I got him about a yr after Warren's death. But my poet laureate would be Miss Stevie Nicks.. who does guide me through life. I attended the Fleetwood Mac show on Sept 10, 2003, which was the first show after Warren died, and at the end of the show, after the last encore, Mick Fleetwood gave the audience a big "aaaaahh -ooooooooooooo!!!!!" before he left the stage, which i could only assume was a "Werewolves" tribute to Warren! Great post!

8:44 AM  
Blogger Raizor's Edge said...

In rock and roll, there are only two for me: Warren Zevon and John Hiatt. They're twin spirits. In both cases we have a lot of songs about death (see Hiatt's "Death by Misadventure," for instance, which might be the best Zevon song that Zevon never wrote, or "The Night That Kenny Died"), fairly similar senses of humor look at WZ's "The Hula Hula Boys" or Hiatt's "Gone"), while also being able to turn out simply jaw-dropping great love songs ("Searching for a Heart" and "Have a Little Faith in Me", respectively) or a quirky autobiographical tune ("Gorilla You're a Desperado" and "Stolen Moments"). Of course, they both walked away from the bottle. And ELVIS SONGS ("Riding with the King" is a Hiatt song; Zevon did "Porcelin Monkey" and "Jesus Mentioned")!!

Warren was a treasure, and I think the closest thing to him is John Hiatt. Perhaps that's why I love Hiatt so much. I met both, and both were/are gracious to their fans as well.

9:49 AM  

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