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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Greatest Live Albums

Being a Deadhead, I love to hear live music, mostly bootlegs. But there have been a lot of other good live albums over the years. Here is a list I found that ranks the 100 greatest live albums of all time. One of my all-time favorite albums, "The Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East" is second on the list. Although I really like the Who, I have to admit that I am not at all familiar with "Live at Leeds". I was surprised that they put "Frampton Comes Alive" at number 14. I thought it would have been ranked higher. Johnny Cash "Live at San Quentin" was an awesome album. Yet it came in at number 19. Seeing Kiss "Alive" on the list at number 28 really brought back some memories. I used to listen to that 8-track back in the late 70's when I wasn't even 10 years old. Although I never had Kiss action figures or a Kiss lunchbox, I loved Kiss back then. What is your favorite live album? Do you think that these guys got it right?

BTW, sorry about the way the site is looking. I have a tendency to make people mad sometimes. I am just sorry it affected you guys.


Blogger romablog said...

7. How The West Was Won - Led Zeppelin

Excellent. Aside from that, I don't prefer live music. Give me any Pink Floyd album and, as long as it isn't live, I'll have a helluva time.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Glen Dean said...

I hear ya on the Pink Floyd. I have had a couple of "helluva times" watching the movie The Wall.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Kerry Woo said...

Live at Leeds by the Who is worth a listen! - one album I was digging on was "11-17-70 - Elton John" live (now out of print) when he was pretty new on the scene - and I love the Band - Rock of Ages.

Not big on live music any more - the ticket prices, smoke, people standing or talking all the time and festival seating - ugh...

Any Nashville old timers remember U2 or Bob Marley at Vanderbilt's Memorial Gym in the early 80s? or the Pretenders at the old Tennessee Theatre?

10:20 PM  
Blogger mister anchovy said...

Many years ago I stumbled across an album (on vinyl) by Townes Van Zandt, called Live & Obscure. I listened to Loretta and Tecumseh Valley and White Freightliner Blues and said to myself, ohmygod this is brilliant - who is this guy. Years later, I had the privilage of seeing Townes perform at the Bathurst St. theatre in Toronto, with Tuffy P - before we were married. Townes was in very, very good form, but the most memorable thing about the show was that just before Townes came on, Tuffy spilled a 16 oz orange drink on the seat beside her while the occupant was off somewhere with his girlfriend. We sopped up what we could, and the guy was so gracious about it. He sat in the sticky wet seat for the whole show.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Glen Dean said...

Great story. Townes Van Zandt, cool.

9:24 PM  
Blogger John H said...

hey Kerry - I was present at that Pretenders show..WOW. Martin Chambers on the drums..Chrissy's swagger...great show.

Favorite live album: aforementioned Allman brothers and the Stones Classc: Get your ya-yas out wth the Dylan homage cover (jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule). Lttle Queenie just ShaKes the house...

1:39 PM  
Blogger Glen Dean said...

John, I was waiting on your rock and roll knowledge. What year was the "Get your YaYas Out" album recorded. I might have to check that out.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Kat Coble said...

Well, I don't have much to say because as far as I'm concerned, "Live At Leeds" is it.

and Glen, I don't know if it's you as much as the fact that it's slow everywhere in blogoland

8:44 PM  

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