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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Google to acquire Napster?

I'm a big fan of the subscription based Napster; when I saw this from Engadget, I got excited! Perhaps when downloading songs via Google Napster will yield CD covers, liner notes and lyrics embedded with the song? For .99 cents having these items would be a compelling value proposition and give iTunes much needed competition ONLY if in the acquistion there is a partner with a player such as a iPod. Maybe Sony will figure in the mix with a Walkman device...

"The New York Post (read: one of our very best sources for tech news) is claiming to have the exclusive scoop on Google's anticipated foray into digital music. Citing "sources within the music industry," the Post says that Google is "considering an extensive alliance" with the possibility of an "outright acquisition" of once-renegade Napster. Not that this would come as a surprise given the recent launch of Google's Video download service and Napster's struggle to turn a profit off its 500k or so subscribers. One thing's for sure, Napster stands a better chance of success snuggled up to the likes of Google than they ever did with those mad CD burnin' folks over at Roxio... that was just like, so Y2K."


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