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Monday, August 29, 2005

Dylan Top Tens

Sharon started it.....

Hmmmm....Want to try a top 10 Dylan in no particular order? I'll start:
Like A Rolling Stone(I think that's my personal favorite)
Just Like Tom Thumb Blues
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
My Back Pages
Positively 4th Street
Gotta Serve Somebody
All Along The Watchtower(but the Hendrix version)
Just Like A Woman
I Want You

Now me...

1. Tangled Up In Blue
This song is my personal favourite because of the haunting melody and the bittersweet journey to all stages of love on the journey to maturity.

2. Idiot Wind
Just Kidding. Hate this song. It's the burning black hole in Blood on the Tracks

2.You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
It's the happiest song about the saddest thing and I like the irony. I confess to singing this to my dogs.

3. Dignity
I like the shifting image of Dignity throughout this song.

4.Shelter From The Storm
I admit that I wept openly when they used this for Jerry Maguire. It's the perfect song about devotion to a lover. The lyrics are just beautiful.

5. Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts
I don't know why I like this song. I just do. It goes on forever and has that true balladeer style. It reminds me of oldstyle Irish ballads like Whiskey In the Jar. Also, if you haven't noticed by now, I am partial to Blood On the Tracks. It's one of my Desert Island Discs.

6. The Mighty Quinn
I got into the Mannfred Mann cover when I was a kid and named my dog after this song. It's not the best song, but loyalty to may gay dog keeps this in the top 10.

7. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Rod Stewart's cover is haunting.

8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
I really disliked this song until Warren Zevon covered it so raw and painfully on The Wind.

9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Love this song, but am partial to the Van Morrison cover. (Notice a trend? I either like BOtT or covers)

10. Rainy Day Women # 12 & #35
I know it's probably childish to enjoy this song for the immature interpretation of the chorus, but I do.


Blogger Glen Dean said...

Idiot wind is a great song.

We need to talk about Van Morrison sometime soon.

1:21 AM  
Blogger John H said...

Cool Blog..

Dylan's Top 10 (IMO)
1. Like a Rolling Stone - like Greil Marcus says in his tome about the song, you hear something different each time you listen to this song. Al Kooper's organ kicks it..
2. Tangled Up in Blue - just when many of us thought that Dylan had permanently jumped the shark, he drops an amazing album (it was an album THEN). The accoustic guitars on this are amazing.
3. Positively 4th Street - no one has written a better bitter diatribe than this about his supposed friends, fans and allies.
4. Highway 61 Revisted - some of the coolest lyrics ever written. Some great biblical references here.
5. All I Really Wanna Do (is baby be friends with you) - Dylan foreshadows rap with these rhyme schemes. Sarcastic and hilarious, the yelps on the word 'DO' are notes from a spirit unleashed.
6. With God on our Side - as topical now as it ever was (hope that is not too political!)
7. Rainy Day Women - I love it when people in the background are laughing and whooping it up and the tapes are rolling and people think that this is just a warm-up for the REAL recording and then they release it and boy does it work.
8. Just Like a Woman - speaking of bitter..but the way he sings, 'with her jewels, amphetamines and her pearls' still rocks.
9. Everything is Broken- from the amazing Daniel Lanois produced 'OH MERCY'. Another one of those 'list songs' that Dylan perfected. Great theology here.
10. It's All Right Ma (I"m only Bleeding) - Killer Lyrics 'shadows eclipse the silver spoon', etc. etc.. This song changed my life at age 13.

On my blog I wrote about songs/artists that are perfect for a rainy sunny afternoon. Topping the list for me is pretty much anything by Billie Holiday.

I look forward to commenting/blogging here in the future.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

Hi John...
Good choices! I look forward to seeing your posts around here.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Glen Dean said...

John, that was an awesome comment. You really know your Dylan. Much better than me. I really arrived at Bob Dylan, by way of being a Deadhead. But you are the real thing.

11:37 PM  

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