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Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't Let My Husband Hear Your Band

Mr. Kat has a much more limited taste in music than mine. He hates disco, he loathes rap and can't stand much from the 80s. Even though his range is smaller, he is very devoted to that which he likes--devoted almost to the point of obsession. Like poor ol' Lennie in Of Mice & Men, he loves them too hard. Some examples?

The Grateful Dead: Jerry Garcia. Exit Stage Right.

Phish: After years of touring together, the band breaks up mere months after Tim starts getting into them earnestly.

Warren Zevon: A year and change after we see him in concert, he announces to the world that he is dying of an incurable disease.

I ask now, in the face of such evidence, that you all begin praying very hard for the health and well-being of Keller Williams. He is poised to be Tim's next victim. He's been listening to Keller all weekend and is planning to go see him live at TPAC this November.


Blogger John H said...

If Styx comes through Nashville again, please make sure that Tim goes to the show.


8:56 AM  

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